Turning Point Brands with Eric Anwar and Lorenzo De Plano

Turning Point Brands with Eric Anwar (Sr. Director of Marketing) and Lorenzo De Plano (Vice President) today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest markets one of the most widely sold cannabis adjacent products on the market. When you think of rolling papers you are most likely thinking of their majorly featured brand, Zig-Zag. We start by talking about the importance of Zig-Zag to the Cannabis Industry. Seeking Alpha wrote: How does Turning Point Brands factor into this cannabis craze? Well, Turning Point Brands is really a tobacco products company. The company sells products such as chewing tobacco and tobacco alternatives such as vape products. But Turning Point Brands has a very popular tobacco brand that is a marijuana adjacent product in Zig-Zag. As can be seen, Zig-Zag is one of the most popular cigarette rolling papers and also has a 75% share of the cigar wrap market. The Zig-Zag brand is also synonymous with marijuana “joints” while cigar wraps are traditionally used for marijuana “blunts.”


We dive into how the brand has kept its foothold in this ever-evolving market and what has changed in the marketing strategy. Last year, Turning Point Brands acquired Durfort, the long-time supplier of Turning Point Brands’ ZigZag Make-Your-Own cigar wraps, which allow smokers to customize the flavor of their cigars. You also enter into a Master Distribution Agreement marketing and selling the original Blunt Wrap cigar brand across the United States. The agreement will go into effect in about 120 days. The unbleached papers are crafted from the finest blend of natural fibers and feature a 100% natural gum Arabic glue line to deliver the smoothest smoking experience. The natural, unbleached papers deliver on Zig-Zag’s high standards and are printed on recycled board using vegetable inks. Along with the unbleached papers Zig-Zag offers unbleached paper cones. The unbleached paper cones are crafted from the finest blend of natural fibers to deliver a slow, even burn with zero hassle – just fill, pack and burn.