US Cannabis Council With Steven Hawkins

US Cannabis Council with President & CEO Steven Hawkins today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on Cannabis Radio. In 2020, just $4 million was spent on marijuana lobbying, according to Open Secrets. That’s measly compared to the $27 million that was spent by tobacco lobbyists, and roughly $30 million from the beer, wine, and liquor industry. Happy to welcome this week the President and CEO of the United States Cannabis Council, an omnibus group that includes many of the largest industry players, namely a strategic alliance of 65 companies and nonprofits working in the licensed, medical, and adult-use cannabis industry in the United States, and Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project, the leading national organizations advancing the legalization of cannabis for adult use and medical treatment.

US Cannabis

LAW360 recently wrote: A cross-section of cannabis advocacy and trade groups asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other lawmakers working on a bill (the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act or CAOA) that would end federal prohibition to preserve existing state regimes and ensure that federal regulation and taxation will not drive out smaller businesses or bolster the illicit market. To this end, many of the groups suggested a gradual rollout of a federal intrastate cannabis market and the application of strong antitrust policies to prevent consolidation of the marijuana space in the hands of a few multistate entities or Big Tobacco firms. Advocates warned that a federal cannabis market could quickly be overtaken by existing multistate cannabis businesses or large corporations from the alcohol and tobacco industries. Along these lines, multiple groups suggested that legislators put legal barricades into CAOA that would prevent Big Tobacco from getting a foothold in the industry once prohibition ends. Both the social equity-focused legalization think tank Parabola Center for Law and Policy and the anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana, or SAM found common ground on this point.