Using Plastic When Buying Legal Cannabis

Using Plastic When Buying Legal Cannabis with CEO Kevin Hart. GCV has solved the biggest pain point in the entire legal cannabis space, unlocking the true potential of the largest addressable market we’ll see in our lifetime.  The cannabis industry is booming. So why can’t consumers pay with plastic when buying legal cannabis? Why are there machine gun-carrying guards inside of legal cannabis businesses (dispensaries), and a constant stream of armored cars coming and going? Why are cannabis business owners hoarding mattresses—and entire houses—full of loose cash? Both the legal cannabis and banking industries want each other badly: dispensaries crave access to banking services.

Buying Legal Cannabis

Without those services, the capabilities of dispensaries are severe, painfully limited for owners, employees, customers—and even regulators, who crave organization and documentation in order to do their compliance audits. And about those banks… Community banks and credit unions are on the decline, and desperately need the business from this thriving new industry. So why aren’t they easily able to take on dispensaries and cash in? Up until now, they just simply don’t have the resources (both human and technological) to easily vet dispensaries and efficiently understand which ones are in compliance, and which ones pose too much risk. Enter Green Check Verified, a just-launched cloud-based SaaS platform automating every aspect of compliance for cannabis banking (with easy to use, no-download-required dashboards for both banks and dispensaries). Through the one-of-a-kind combo of cutting-edge technology and human input, GCV navigates complex, often ridiculous banking regulations, ensuring that cannabis businesses and banks can mutually profit from each other’s services, by demonstrating compliance on both sides in real-time! And that is where the story begins.

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