Vangst with Kelsea Appelbaum

Vangst with Head of Community Partnerships, Kelsea Appelbaum today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio. We welcome back a company that works with a wide array of cannabis companies, including large MSOs, single-state operators, and small mom-and-pop shops. They are able to support large cannabis operators and craft, boutique operators in different ways. We previously spoke with Karson Humiston, Founder & CEO back in 2019. We talk about the Vangst platform and how it has progressed today. As New Cannabis Ventures explained: The platform helps to pair prospective employees with cannabis companies. Candidates create a profile, and Vangst helps them to achieve the necessary credentials depending on the state. Cannabis companies can use Vangst to help find qualified candidates and maintain optimal levels of staffing, whether they need full-time employees, gig workers, or a mix of both. When a company finds a gig worker through Vangst, that person is a W-2 employee who clocks in and out and receives payment through the Vangst platform.


Their platform has recently launched a training offering, so candidates can learn about topics like cannabis retail and compliance so they can stand out during the application process and be more prepared for their first day on the job. We dive into the growth and how the hiring process in the cannabis industry has matured since then. As more states begin to legalize cannabis, more and more people are considering the thought of leaving their federally regulated jobs completely and entering into the industry themselves. In addition to using cannabis freely, there are a number of benefits cannabis industry employees have reported. According to Vangst’s 2021 Salary Guide, more than 50% of all surveyed companies provided paid time off, medical, dental, and vision insurance. More than one-third of surveyed companies provided 401(K) options, remote work schedules, and long or short-term disability support.