Vertosa with CEO Ben Larson


Vertosa with CEO Ben Larson today on Blunt Business with Jorge Hermida only on The Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs an innovative cannabis technology company providing customized nano-emulsions for infused products. Ben’s company was originally Nanogen Labs until you rebranded under a new name, Vertosa.

The new name embodies best-in-class products, services, and scientific expertise while paving the way for long-term vision and growth. VERT speaks to both green and truth – in line with our roots in cannabis and dedication to being the best partners to our customers.

OSA, Spanish for the female bear, portrays our strength and proud California roots, with an important nod to the power of the female cannabis plant. His background is that of a serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup adviser.

Ben co-founded Gateway, the Silicon Valley-based cannabis startup accelerator. We discuss what made nanoemulsion technology for infusing everything from beverages to cosmetics with THC and/or CBD the new challenge to tackle.

Vertosa uses pre-suspended aqueous solutions carefully designed for the specific needs of each customer to create incredibly homogeneous and stable infused products that maximize bioavailability, clarity, and taste.

While some new drinkables, like de-alcoholized beer and wine, are earning mixed reviews (bottom line of most credible recent reviews: Most are being served before their time), cocktail-style drinkables and infused seltzers show promise.