Vaporizers Explained By Founders Of Firefly Vaporizers

FireFly Vaporizers Founders Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson join Mitch Earleywine in this episode of Burning Issues.

Vaporizers were popularized initially with the Volcano – effects preferred no smoke and gave high speed influence of the marijuana. Firefly decided to build smaller equipment than the large not so portable Volcano or Vapeer.

New iterations are sleek, fashionable and portable. The heat point for vapes – the magic 400 degrees – allows the burn to get all active ingredients without going to 415-425 where pre combustion starts and potential harm from that and higher burns. They lower the respiratory irritants at the 400 degree ceiling.

Various CBDs burn and release at differing temperatures – listen to get deeper insights in to the vape process. The FireFly guests provide a heated discussion on the process of vaping.

Early vaporizers used butane as their combustion and then batteries were developed that could carry the heating needed. Temperature is a major consideration when constructing a vaporizer – the heating coils needed to cool fairly quickly so people could hold the vaporizers.

The Firefly operates with a 50 watts burner coil which allows for a quicker combust compared to the 4-5 watt units must vaporizers use. This quickens the device’s heat up time significantly. Their product uses a customized battery that lengthens usage time. Their recyclable batteries are eco-friendly and allows the unit to last longer since the battery can be replaced.