Hemp Farmer Favorite Pauli Rotterdam of Endo Scientific

Today on Cannabis Business Minds they are getting in the dirt with one of our favorite hemp farmers Pauli Rotterdam and Endo Scientific.

In 2014 Obama sign the farm bill, Pauli packed his bags and family and moved to Colorado to start studying and working in the hemp industry. He landed at a dispensary that was conducting plant studies on cannabis.Through his studies, he established a routine that promoted a higher cannabinoid concentration and terpene concentration, noticeably larger amounts of CBG and CBD in cannabis. He then applied this method to hemp and had extraordinary success and creating a higher CBD content as well as CBD wall mitigating the THC content in the plant.Pauli has had the privilege and honor to work with some of the best chemists, chemical engineers, and engineers developing new equipment and new standards for the cannabis industry. This is where he was able to learn and study about extraction methods.

Endo Scientific

Pauli then went on to be a beta tester for breeders and working directly with almost every breeder in Colorado. He’s been cultivating every strain that’s been out since it started in Colorado and would provide the Breeders with feedback on the strains they grow, ie the characteristics cannabinoid concentration terpene expression ect.. This ultimately led to Pauli cultivating and creating his own strains with the properties that he considered to be medicinal and of high value. Why does he do it? “Because I love helping people. I like to educate and inform others on the beautiful qualities of hemp and other nutritional aspects of other plant extracts as well. I’ve seen the facts and how hemp changes people’s lives and how it can remediate our soil. I am its biggest fan and supporter and know that it’s the future of America. This is our Gateway back to our history, where we were once a healthy Nation. My greatest accomplishment is helping people, and throughout every process that helps not only our customers and our growers, but also helps every member of the team, every time, without fail. No exception!.”