Raising Capital And A Peek Inside The Male Psyche

Renee Gagnon is the world’s first Federally Licensed Transgendered Female Cannabis Pubco CEO, security specialist, and international speaker. Renee has been fortunate enough to be at the beginning of several major trends and market creations. Throughout her career, detecting and then capitalizing on change has been her focus.

Renee Gagnon Headshot

She is a serial startup founder, skilled at survival, stress management and team building. She is both the first Transgender Publicly traded marijuana company CEO and the first female one – Thunderbird Biomedical Inc (now EMH.v) was the 5th licensed Federally sanctioned Medical Marijuana company in Canada (and one of only a handful on the planet). Renee built the core team, created and executed on the business plan and raised $3.7 M in funding then took the company public ($25M Valuation at IPO)… She then went on to use this insight to create a diverse workforce with strong female leadership across the HollyWeed North Cannabis Inc. organization.

What we talk about

  • What type of mindset VC’s have when evaluating a potential investment
  • Why a great team can make or break your capital raise
  • What makes a great partnership dynamic – (Hustler + Hacker)
  • How to keep your employees happy(HINT- Company Culture!)

Key takeaways

  • VC’s aren’t interested in your product – they are interested in your company/team! Always surround yourself with others that have strength where you are lacking.
  • Testosterone = confidence. Estrogen = empathy. Don’t let your empathy get in the way of your capital raise when you are pitching to a room full of testosterone.
  • Biggest mistake for entrepreneurs: wanting to do everything!
  • As a start up, buying new equipment doesn’t help increase your profit! Big companies use other companies to make their products so they can maintain low overhead and operating costs

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