Lil Debbie Cakes

Today on Cannabis Confidential Dr. Dina is joined by rapper, model and fashion designer Lil Debbie. Debbie started a solo career, releasing a series of singles with rappers RiFF RaFF and former White Girl Mob group member V-Nasty. Soon after her collaboration with RiFF RaFF she released her first mixatpe titled Keep It Lit. Following the release of the mixtape, Debbie put out 4 EP’s titled Queen D, California Sweetheart, California Sweetheart Pt. 2, and Young B!tch.

Lil Debbie has launched her new edible and strain line “Cakes” at the Blazers Cup in December. They are a “Twinkie” like edible that is 150mgs, with pink frosting in the middle and a purple/pink design of frosting on the outside. The edibles are made from her new strain she calls “Cakes” an indica hybrid. Currently the line is only available in California. She has major plans to continue to build her brand within the cannabis space.