Nebraska Marijuana DUI Laws

Daniel Stockmann discusses the drugged DUI laws in the state of Nebraska. The interpretation of these driving under the influence of marijuana laws have specific Nebraska applications. Stockmann answers the following questions about Nebraska Marijuana DUI laws:

  1. May a driver refuse to take a drug test?
  2. What are the consequences of refusing to take a test?
  3. Can the officer force a driver to take a drug test?
  4. How is under the influence of cannabis measured in the state?
  5. Does the state require the driver be under the influence of marijuana at the time of the arrest or does prosecution not need to show actual unsafe driving to prove that the driver was under the influence?
  6. What if any amount is needed?
  7. Does any amount mean under the influence?
  8. If there is a threshold what is it?
  9. If it requires behavior what are the signs used to describe that behavior?
  10. Is blood and/or urine tested?
  11. What are per se laws and do they exist in the state?
  12. What if any impact does being an accredited medical marijuana cardholder have on driving charges?
  13. What constitutes driving for cannabis related charges and are they different to alcohol?
  14. What are the penalties for marijuana DUI?
  15. What aggravating factors are there?

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