Nebraska Marijuana Possession Laws

As part of the Nebraska Marijuana Criminal Law series we will be adding possession related information here, We have Daniel Stockmann discussing Nebraska marijuana possession laws. The questions covered include the differences between hash and flower products as well as the hierarchy of offenses from simple possession on up to possession with intent to distribute.

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As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cannabis is the most used unlawful medication in America (marijuana is “illicit” as in it is a controlled substance under government law, with no perceived true worth). Regardless of the Federal laws, a few states have passed restorative cannabis laws allowing use in specific situations; and some state laws have decriminalized marijuana, making ownership of little sums deserving of fines or regarded as infractions, as opposed to as crimes that carry potential prison sentences.

Be that as it may, in all states, it is still an infringement of Federal law to have cannabis. This contention might eventually be changed by government enactment that allows lawful uses, yet until further notice, elected and state law are frequently inconsistent with one another.

Nebraska Marijuana Possession Laws start with possession of under 1 oz. is an infraction with at most a fine of $300. The judge may arrange the guilty party to finish a medication instruction course.

A second conviction for possession of 1 oz. or less is a with a sentence of 5 days detainment and at most a fine of $400.

Third and ensuing arrests for possession of 1 oz. on the other hand less is a crime and can receive at most a sentence of 7 days detainment and a fine of $500.

Possession of 1 oz.- 1 lb. is a crime receiving a sentence of 3 months detainment and at most a fine of $500.

Possession of more than 1 lb. is a crime with a maximum sentence of 5 years detainment and a fine of $10,000.