Canadian Medical Marijuana Improvements Forthcoming

Top Story – Canadian Medical Marijuana Improvements Forthcoming

Canadian Medical Marijuana Improvements ForthcomingCanadian Medical Marijuana Improvements Forthcoming (Cannabis Radio News) – The Canadian government has declined to appeal a federal court ruling that requires the government to improve access to medical marijuana for federally-registered patients.

The lower court ruling declared the current medical marijuana system unconstitutional and requires the government to make improvements to ensure timely delivery of adequate supplies of quality cannabis to patients.

While the current updates to medical marijuana regulations in Canada forbid home grows and storefront dispensaries, the government did not elaborate on whether the decision will cause the government to potentially allow such means of access to addres the shortcomings of the mail-order system.

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Legal Marijuana State Senators Call For Federal Changes (Cannabis Radio News) – Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden from Oregon, Michael Bennet from Colorado, and Patty Murray from Washington called upon federal agencies to work together to ease impediments to safe and orderly legal marijuana commerce in their states.

The quartet, all Democrats, want six different federal regulators that cover banking issues in America to come up with regulatory fixes that will end the all-cash nature of state-legal marijuana business that cannot access traditional banking services due to the federal prohibition of cannabis.

Conducting business in legal marijuana states runs afoul of numerous federal banking regulations prohibiting the trafficking of Schedule I drugs and money laundering.

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