Cannabis Radio News Breaks Rep. Rohrabacher Medical Marijuana Story

US Congressman admits medical marijuana use

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CRN) – Cannabis Radio News broke the story of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher admitting to use of a medical marijuana product within the past month. The story has been picked up by the Washington Post, Fortune, and CNN. Here’s Rohrabacher’s full admission, recorded Monday morning on Capitol Hill:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CRN) – By a margin of just three votes, the Ohio Senate has a pproved a medical marijuana bill that includes access to whole plant cannabis, but forbids smoking. Pressure was placed on the legislature by the campaign for a citizen initiative to legalize medical marijuana that included the right of patients to cultivate their own cannabis. The Senate-approved bill forbids home cannabis cultivation, but does allow dispensaries to sell actual marijuana, which may be vaporized, but not smoked. Ohio will become the 26th state to legalize medical marijuana in some form, should Gov. Kasich sign the bill as expected.

SALEM, Oregon (CRN) – Any location with a liquor license is a public space where marijuana may not be consumed. That’s the reminder from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, siding with actions taken earlier this month by Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement to crack down on public events with free marijuana giveaways. Oregon also recently amended its Clean Air Act to include prohibitions on cannabis smoke or vapor in any public space. OLCC also forbids the “gifting” of marijuana at any space where there is “a cover charge, paid admission, donations, tip jars, raffles, fundraisers or bartering,” according to the Oregonian.

GREENVILLE, North Carolina (CRN) – A medical doctor who is a North Carolina state representative is co-sponsoring a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the Tarheel State. There is currently a law allowing the use of cannabidiol oil in the state, but it may sunset in 2021. This bill would allow for use of marijuana to treat terminal or chronic illnesses and would tax marijuana at $8 per ounce. Patients would not have the right to cultivate their own cannabis under the bill.

CHARLESTON, West Virginia (CRN) – In one of the eight remaining states that recognize no medical use of cannabis whatsoever, West Virginia, one state delegate is kick-starting the conversation with adult legalization. Del. Mike Pushkin (D-Kanawha) sponsored a bill that would decriminalize possession and cultivation of small amounts of cannabis by adults. Joining him in sponsoring the bill is a bipartisan group including Dels. Shawn Fluharty (D-Ohio), Bill Flanigan (R-Monongalia), Mike Folk (R-Berkeley) and Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock). Pushkin doesn’t believe the House Speaker will allow the bill to be heard, but does believe the media attention surrounding it will at least begin the conversation about marijuana reform in the Mountain State.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (CRN) – Since the beginning of state marijuana legalization in 2012, federal sentencing for marijuana trafficking has taken a nose drive. For three straight years, figures from the United States Sentencing Commission show a drop in prosecutions for marijuana trafficking under federal law. This does not include data on state and local prosecutions for trafficking and there aren’t enough data to conclude why the drop has occurred since four states have legalized marijuana.