Denver Crime Rate Not Affected By Marijuana Legalization

Denver Crime Rate Not Affected By Marijuana Legalization as  legalization supporters, opponents and neutrals within Colorado agree on: It’s unlikely marijuana has much to do with Denver’s recent uptick in crime.

Denver Crime Rate

Marijuana policy experts and Colorado officials urge caution when trying to grade legalization’s impacts — which are the subject of debate all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, where this week justices are scheduled to discuss a lawsuit over pot filed against Colorado by two neighboring states.

Plus, Colorado Debates Organic Labels for Marijuana as Colorado starts work Friday on becoming the first state to regulate organic labels in its pot industry, with other legal weed states watching to see whether they too should step in to help consumers wondering what’s on their weed. Organic standards are regulated federally, and pot remains illegal at the federal level, meaning there’s nothing stopping commercial pot growers from calling their wares organic.