New Record Marijuana Legalization Support

Top Story – New Record Marijuana Legalization Support

New Record Marijuana Legalization Support

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New Record Marijuana Legalization Support (Cannabis Radio News) – A new record majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. The latest poll from the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 61 percent of the over 1,000 adults surveyed agreed that use of marijuana should be legalized for adults. One third of those who support legal marijuana say there should be no restrictions on adult use and about one quarter say marijuana should only be available to adults with a doctor’s prescription. The remainder – a plurality – believe that marijuana should be legal to all, but with limitations on purchase amounts. Sixty-two percent believe that some form of substance abuse is a problem in their communities. Of those respondents, just over a quarter found marijuana use to be an “extremely serious” problem, compared to about a third for prescription pain relievers or heroin and over 36 percent for alcohol and other drugs.

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Another poll is out today showing 53 percent of Michigan residents would support the taxation and regulation of marijuana. The EPIC-MRA poll found that 45 percent would reject such a measure with 2 percent undecided. That marks a three point increase in support from when 50 percent of respondents answered a similar 2014 poll.

Kansas’ Shona Banda has filed a federal lawsuit over local law enforcement actions regarding her medical use of cannabis to treat her Crohn’s disease. Banda’s 11-year-old son spoke up to correct a school official who was instructing his class about illegal drugs. When the school official referred to it as “marijuana”, Banda’s son explained that it was properly called cannabis and it was a medicine that helped his mother survive. Banda’s lawsuit alleges that police and school officials improperly interrogated her son without her permission or presence. Banda also alleges that her civil rights were violated by the state of Kansas preventing her from using the cannabis medicine that keeps her alive. Banda is acting as her own attorney and seeks unspecified damages from the state of Kansas. Officials from Garden City and the state of Kansas have refused to comment on the pending litigation.

The marijuana market in Massachusetts could top $1.1 billion annually by 2020, according to the latest predictions. ArcView Group and New Frontier, two leading cannabusiness market research firms, believe that the legalization of marijuana in the Bay State could create a thriving tourist destination for cannabis aficionados in the Northeast. The firms predict $300 million in sales in the first year, 2018, that would triple to nearly $900 million in 2019. These predictions only consider the direct sales of marijuana and not the ancillary businesses sure to spring up to service the new billion-dollar market. Meanwhile, medical marijuana is expected to generate over $78 million in sales this year and should expand to over $240 million in medical-only sales by 2020.

The governor of Vermont is warning that Massachusetts’ pending marijuana legalization initiative is a “bad pot bill”. Governor Pete Shumlin writes in his blog post that “now is the time to take a smarter approach on marijuana,” noting that Massachusetts’ 2016 initiative “would allow edibles that have caused huge problems in other states, smoking lounges, home delivery service, and possession of up to 10 ounces of marijuana.” Shumlin prefers the proposal in the Vermont legislature that “allows none of that.” Vermont’s proposal would also not allow residents to grow their own marijuana at home, limiting adults to one ounce marijuana purchases at state-licensed stores. “If Massachusetts moves forward with their legalization bill while Vermont delays,” Shumlin writes, “the entire southern part of our state could end up with all the negatives of a bad pot bill and none of the positives of doing the right thing.”

Steve Defino is the founder of the Veteran Farmers Alliance and is handing our ounces of free marijuana to veterans this weekend in Colorado Springs. “I’ve talked to guys that are ready to kill themselves,” Defino tells KXRM FOX News in Colroado. “They’re ready to take their own life because they feel like nobody is there for them. So this is a small way to say thank you for what you’ve done;” Defino says the effort costs him around $1,400 and it will take place Saturday at the Dab Lounge in Colorado Springs, which is hosting their Spring Bake Event. Defino says on Veterans Day in November, his organization will be distributing over $25,000 worth of free marijuana products.