The Weed Church Of Madison, Wisconsin: Ep 2

The Weed Church Of Madison, Wisconsin on Cannabis Radio Live only on Cannabis Radio. Today on Cannabis Radio Live with Daron Babin and Jorge Hermida: New Jersey. legal weed growers brace for layoffs, ‘destroying product’ if the consumer market doesn’t open soon. Senator Chuck Schumer Gives Update On Federal Marijuana Legalization And Banking In Meeting With Equity AdvocatesCannabis banking bill revived as an attachment to a domestic spending bill in House. We also as the question, How well do people drive after smoking cannabis?

The Weed
Today’s Cannabis Radio Spotlight is all about the Weed Church. We dive into the Hilarious Saga Of The Weed Church Of Madison, Wisconsin. Courtesy of  The Badger Herald: Wisconsin’s first and only Rastafarian church, which also doubles as the state’s first “cannabis sanctuary,” recently opened its doors on Mifflin Street. While the use of marijuana is illegal in the state of Wisconsin, the two Rastas who opened the church, Jesse Schworck, and Dylan Bangert, claim their use of marijuana is constitutional, as reported by WISC TV. In the church, known as the Lion of Judah House Rastafari, cannabis is used as a religious sacrament. Schworck told WISC TV that they do not sell or gift the products to the public. The church is non-profit, and one must be a member and make donations to participate in the use of the “kaneh-bosm,” or cannabis, Schworck said. According to the church’s website, it uses cannabis flowers, edibles, and CannaCoffee, among other products.