Kyla Williams Has New Hope For Health

Kyla Williams has new hope for health as Health Canada has decided she may use cannabidiol oil to treat her over 300 epileptic seizures per day. Her mother and father (a former RCMP officer) discovered two years ago that Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract kept Kyla’s seizures at bay for weeks at a time. But the Canada Border Services Agency would often seize the shipments of the oil the family would receive from Colorado, due to Canada’s marijuana prohibition laws. Health Canada has recently decided to allow access to cannabidiol oil, as long as parents have an official exemption letter.


Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have issued a letter urging California, Arizona, and Nevada Mormons to vote no on state legalization initiatives.

Two former Colorado politicians misrepresent the facts in a TV ad to oppose marijuana legalization in Arizona. The Montana commissioner of political practices says an anti-marijuana ballot committee broke state law by spending money on more than one initiative.

Maryland Natural Treatment Solutions is the latest rejected applicant to sue the state over alleged favoritism in issuing 15 licenses to medical marijuana growers.