Ohio Cannabis Legalization Leader Renegs on Free Market Campaign

Leader of the failed Responsible Ohio cannabis legalization campaign has reneged on a promise to return for a “free market” legalization campaign in 2016; German lawmakers have submitted a draft bill legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis for review by the European Union; Washington LCB gives some Seattle dispensaries 14 days to vacate; Four Idaho children are receiving treatment for severe forms of epilepsy with Epidiolex;

Six marijuana-related bills at the Georgia legislature this winter. The odds are very long for a measure that would legalize recreational marijuana in Georgia – a bill that got some attention last year outside the capitol but very little inside. But it has new life now – at least in the eyes of its backers. Another bill would make marijuana possession a misdemeanor. Another would legalize cultivation of industrial hemp. Another bill would legalize the medical use of smokeable marijuana.  And another would legalize and regulate cultivation of medical cannabis. That last bill has 108 cosponsors and is the followup to last year’s medical marijuana bill.

Ohio Cannabis Legalization