Turkey Legalizes Cannabis Production

Turkey legalizes cannabis production in 19 provinces in order to crack down on illegal production, according to new regulations by The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Published in the Official Gazette in late September, “Hemp Cultivation and Control of Regulations” will allow highly-controlled and ministry-sanctioned cannabis production in the selected provinces for medical and scientific purposes. Under the regulations, growers must obtain permission from the government allowing them to grow the plant for a three-year- period, Turkish newspaper The Hurriyet reports. Potential growers must produce a warrant proving they have not been involved in any illegal cannabis production activity or narcotic production or use in the past.

The wife of Utah’s Democratic candidate for governor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor pot-possession charges connected with two pounds of the drug found at their house.

An apology was issued Tuesday after an automated phone message from an Anchorage elementary school Monday night urged parents to attend a city Assembly meeting and voice opposition to marijuana retail stores on the agenda.

An Oregon man faced multiple citations after attempting to trade a large amount of marijuana for a snowmobile owned by a police officer.

A deal over marijuana was at the center of a violent encounter that ended in gunfire with one man dead and two people wounded at a rural Sebastopol property, Sonoma County sheriff’s investigators confirmed Tuesday.