ROLL WITH IT – featuring Josh Kesselman (Episode 15)

ROLL WITH IT – featuring rolling paper mogul/historian Josh Kesselman (Episode 15). In the latest installment of Cannthropology, we explore the history of rolling papers—from their origins in Alcoy, Spain in the 1600s, to their expansion into France in 1800, and the market shift toward cannabis and the counterculture during the 1960s and 70s, we’ll touch on the various pioneers, innovations, and brands (including Bambu, Pay-Pay, OCB, Rizla+, Zig-Zag, E-Z Wider and more) that have driven the industry forward throughout the centuries. Joining host Bobby Black in this discussion is RAW Rolling Papers founder/CEO (and rolling paper collector/historian) Josh Kesselman, who explains how seeing a magic trick by his dad at age five developed into a lifelong obsession with rolling papers, and how he’s transformed that passion into a multi-million dollar paraphernalia empire that continues to honor the long, proud tradition from which it evolved.


The World of Cannabis Museum Project presents: Cannthropology—the potcast that explores the history of cannabis culture one artifact and interview at a time. Hosted by World of Cannabis executive director and marijuana media icon Bobby Black. In each episode, Bobby chooses a different item(s) from the museum’s collection of around 500 rare antiques, artifacts, and artworks, and welcomes a different guest to help him explore the item’s significance and place in cannabis history. 


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The World of Cannabis Museum will showcase the influence of cannabis in art, music, film, news, medicine, and politics throughout the past century. From the early days of prohibition and “reefer madness,” to its modern-day mainstream momentum and everything in between: from the legendary growers and breeders who created and propagated all of the iconic strains, to the smugglers who distributed them across the globe; from the activists who have fought for legalization, to the celebrities who have embraced it; from America’s headshops to Amsterdam’s coffee shops; from the counterculture of the 1960s, the excesses of the ’70s, and the Drug War hysteria of the ’80s, to the rise of medical marijuana in the ’90s and the march toward legalization and mainstream acceptance in the new millennium—all of this and more we plan to explore in this unprecedented exhibition. Coming soon!


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