Better U Psychedelic Therapy with Derek Du Chesne

Better U Psychedelic Therapy with Derek Du Chesne today on Concierge For Better Living with Doc Rob only on Cannabis Radio. As the CEO and co-founder of Better U, Derek Du Chesne helps transform lives with safe, effective, and affordable at-home psychedelic therapy. After utilizing ketamine therapy to treat depression in 2019, Derek experienced a dramatic mental transformation/reset after one treatment session, which inspired him to collaborate with leaders from Stanford’s Psychedelic Science Center and Depression Research Clinic to explore ways to increase accessibility to psychedelic medicine. After discovering how psychedelics can treat a multitude of mental health challenges, making psychedelic medicine more accessible became his mission. In 2021, Derek partnered with Dr. Sam Zand, a leader in psychiatric and psychedelic medicine, to create Better U.


Derek Du Chesne was a leader in the cannabis sector, responsible for the sale of over $100MM in cannabis-derived products from 2018-to 2020. Derek has served as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, and Chief Growth Officer for leading brands and has a proven track record in the development and execution of marketing strategies, building commercialization infrastructure, increasing revenue, managing internal sales teams, and overseeing launches, expansions, and product development. Derek thrives in emerging industries with a goal-oriented spirit and is dedicated to improving psychiatric and mental health care for all. Earlier in his career, Derek was an Actor/Producer and Stunt Performer. Derek has played opposite Michael C. Hall and Julia Stiles (Dexter), Esai Morales & Raymond Cruz (Los Americans), Bruce Willis (Mauraders), and Robert DeNiro (Heist). He is also an animal welfare advocate and an active volunteer with Animal Tracks, a nonprofit that saves exotic pets.