Brandon "The Truth" Vera discusses MMA, CBDs, and Training

Brandon Vera recently took a trip for a training session and fight in the Philippines. The fight went down exactly the way he planned. His friends and family got to be part of it.
People don’t realize how much time and effort it takes to train for a fight. The most important part of MMA as a sport is you have to have training partners. When he found his training partners couldn’t make the trip he had to replan and do it all stateside in San Diego and headed out there 10 days before the fight. It ended up being a phenomenal knockout.
Rob finds that his various clients have different needs. Someone in the MMA business would have very different needs than a road warrior for business or a singer that travels does 20 shows a month.
Brandon has had some partial knockouts happen to him where he’s lost control of his body. He’s noticed that he gets hit in the head more than he would like. He believes that the CBDs are helping. At his last conference he was learning about how CBDs can repair neural pathways in the brain. When he got home he remembers telling all the guys about it. When he says the guys he’s talking about the who’s who list of MMA. They couldn’t believe it and started doing research on their own.
Rob remembers when he lived in Scottsdale, one of his colleagues was a really in shape guy, muscles, ripped, so they put him in the ring with a veteran fighter who put him down in 2 second. Just because you look good doesn’t mean you can fight.
With the evolution of MMA as a sport, Rob hopes that the use of CBDs will used for the protection of the brain and body.
Brandon notices that healthy living is kicking in people all over the country. An example is how many alternatives to milk are available, He’s been educating himself on all aspects of healthy living and talking to other fighters about it. he just came back from Virginia and everyone there was talking about cooking with coconut oil and avoiding GMO’s, etc. The younger generation is starting to see the effects of not taking care of their bodies which is pushing them to look for more natural ways of taking care of their bodies.
When Rob started his career in the natural foods education industry he was travelling all over the country he hit over 500 health food stores a year. He noticed in Virginia a family owned a bunch of health food stores and they were one of the few people educating on healthy and natural diet.
Today is Robs Moms birthday. Less than 9 months ago the doctor she was seeing told her she had 2 months to live due to cancer. That was the conventional standard Doctor diagnosis. Thankfully he has his own training and friends. He went for a more natural treatment and one thing wasn’t the answer, she’s doing better today due to health lifestyle.
Brandon says that MMA he doesn’t see many Vegan athletes. Maybe two. He does know a few that have been incorporating hemp protein. He usually goes with 1 scoop of hemp protein two 2 scoops regular protein. He notices that food taste better in other countries than in the states.
Rob read that if you want to get the nutritional value of a peach in the 1950’s you’ll need to eat 18-20 peaches.