Caliper Foods with Jeremy Goldstein & Keith Woelfel

Caliper Foods with Jeremy Goldstein (COO) & Keith Woelfel (Director of R&D) today on Concierge For Better Living with Doc Rob, only on Cannabis Radio. Caliper was founded on the idea that CBD has a variety of benefits when consumed correctly and at the proper dose. But we recognize that our industry is rampant with misinformation and egregious claims, and we’re here to combat that by only telling you what we know to be true, and only selling you what we know to be good. They strive to create the most consistent, fast-acting, bioavailable, scientifically validated CBD product so that you can be confident you’re getting the good stuff. They promise to be a reliable and trustworthy partner on your journey toward finding relief.

Caliper Ingredients develops, manufactures, and distributes Caliper CBD, a proprietary suite of standardized, clean-label, shelf-stable formulations of water-soluble hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD*. Caliper CBD is designed for rapid go-to-market and scalable manufacturing, mixing easily into food, beverage, supplement, personal care, and pet applications, while remaining robust to standard commercial food manufacturing processes. Caliper CBD allows fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoids to be easily introduced into any food environment using standard commercial kitchen or food production equipment and with no noticeable impact on flavor, consistency, texture, or appearance — no specialized knowledge or processing required.