Cannabis Is A Beneficial Element Of Athletes’ Training And Pain Relief Regimen

Today on Concierge For Better Living Doc Rob is joined by Long-distance runner Flavie Dokken. Flavie is partnering with Wana Brands to promote cannabis products as a beneficial element of athletes’ training and pain relief regimen. Before her workouts and after, Dokken uses cannabis products to accentuate her endurance and her strength, echoing a broader trend among professional athletes. Wana Brands has taken notice. Dokken’s cannabis use began in the aftermath of her time in the U.S. Army. She came home to nurse a stress fracture and ongoing chronic pain.

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To deal with the physical ailments, she started experimenting with cannabis. From there, Dokken embarked on a career as a professional bodybuilder and continued her cannabis experiments. In recent years, she has become a competitive ultramarathoner in Colorado; this year; she’s eyeing several 100k races. In February, she clocked a 6: 50-mile pace in the Mad Moose Pueblo Half Marathon. Whether she’s lifting in the gym or running on the trail, Dokken has found success in accenting her workouts with CBD-rich edibles and capsules. Athletes—and all consumers—can find Wana Brands products in Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. The company is planning to expand into Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, and Canada.