Combining Chinese Medicine & Herbs with Cannabis?

NY-based Sports Medicine Acupuncturist, Kevin Menard is Founder of Dragon Hemp, a new brand that harnesses the powers of hemp-derived CBD combined with Chinese Herbs and botanicals, in custom formulas to enhance performance, support recovery, and restore overall well-being.

Kevin’s training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and experience treating patients at his clinic, coupled with the known powers of CBD, has helped him create a brand that brings eastern medicine to the CBD enthusiast; those familiar with Chinese herbs and interested in using it as a bridge to CBD, or those who are new to it altogether and interested in expanding their wellness horizons.

By fusing time-honored Chinese Medicine & Herbs with today’s advancements in cannabinoid plant medicine, Kevin hopes to educate consumers on the benefits of these ancient herbs, their powerful healing properties, and their potential to work synergistically with CBD.

Kevin Menard, LAc, C.SMA, Founder of Dragon Hemp

Kevin is based in Sag Harbor, NY where he started his acupuncture clinic specializing in Sports Medicine Acupuncture in 2012. He tends to gravitate towards Modern Chinese Medical Acupuncture integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Trigger Point Acupuncture (referred to as “Dry Needling by PT’s) and Japanese Meridian Styles plus advanced intramuscular needling techniques when needed. Graduating from TriState College of Acupuncture in NY, he is continuing to appeal to his interest in Chinese medicine by practicing Dong Tai chi and has previously studied Bagua Zhang Kung Fu with Tom Bisio.

In 2021, Kevin completed his Reiki Level 3 (Master) training with Geordie Numata of Deer Spirit Reiki. In addition to the sports medicine clinic, Kevin volunteers much of his time working with local teens and young adults to combat teen stress and anxiety and does outreach in the remote areas of Guatemala working with The Global Healthworks Foundation. Kevin also just launched Dragon Hemp, a new line of meticulously crafted blends of hemp CBD combined with other Chinese Herbs and healing botanicals to aid his patients’ wellness journeys beyond the walls of his clinic.

About Dragon Hemp

Developed by renowned Sports Medicine Acupuncturist, Kevin Menard, Lac, Dragon Hemp was meticulously crafted to aid his patients’ wellness journey beyond the walls of his clinic. In 2012, Kevin founded Menard Acupuncture, a Sag Harbor, NY based clinic focused on Sports Medicine Acupuncture. Through his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in practice treating patients, Kevin has always turned to the healing powers of Chinese Herbs as a modality to treat conditions such as muscular-skeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety, Lyme disease, and other inflammatory issues.

As an athlete and an avid martial artist, Kevin started incorporating CBD into his daily regimens to support his own training and recovery process. With the advancements in CBD science, and increased research explaining the biomechanics of its efficacy via the Endocannabinoid system, Kevin realized the healing potential of combining this original Chinese Herb with other botanicals used in his clinic.

At our core, we believe the body possesses the natural ability to heal, and our goal is to support that process by restoring harmony and balance. Dragon Hemp represents the synergistic potential of combining time-honored Chinese Medicine & Herbs with today’s advancements in cannabinoid plant medicine.