Dragon Hemp with founder Kevin Menard

Dragon Hemp with founder Kevin Menard today on Concierge For Better Living with Doc Rob only on Cannabis Radio. The mission of Dragon Hemp is to optimize these health benefits by using select Chinese Herbs that, when combined with premium-grade hemp plant-sourced extracts, boost the overall, cumulative effects. Chinese Herbs, which consist of natural sources of plants and minerals, have been recognized for over 2,000 years as being highly effective in addressing many states of disharmony. There is a special category of herbs that address a wide range of issues such as pain, inflammation, sleep difficulties, and overall health and wellness. The founder Kevin Menard, LAc, has an acupuncture practice based in Sag Harbor, NY that specializes in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®, an advanced modern and effective approach to ancient medicine.

Dragon Hemp

Through the years, Kevin has integrated Chinese herb formulas in many applications to reduce pain, nourish Qi, augment the immune system, and many tonifying formulas for Yang and Yin deficient disorders. Kevin introduced CBD to his practice in 2017 and saw great results in a reduction of inflammation and some pain. Given there are other causes of pain besides inflammation, he envisioned that by combining select, primary Chinese herbs known for reducing pain by increasing blood circulation in areas of trauma in muscle and connective tissue, there could be a greater reduction of pain and inflammation than by CBD alone. Thus the concept of Dragon Hemp was born- fusing the very popular and effective CBD phenomena with select, powerful Chinese herbs to address the conditions Kevin sees in his clinic with natural supplements. Dragon Hemp is the synthesis of Chinese herb medicine with modern CBD applications and research. It is premium, inspired, and effective. Developed by renowned Sports Medicine Acupuncturist, Kevin Menard, Lac, Dragon Hemp was meticulously crafted to aid his patients’ wellness journey beyond the walls of his clinic. In 2012, Kevin founded Menard Acupuncture, a Sag Harbor, NY-based clinic focused on Sports Medicine Acupuncture.