Emotional Intelligence Ventures with Linda Strause, Ph.D.

Emotional Intelligence Ventures with Linda Strause, Ph.D. medical & Scientific Advisory Board Member and Clinical Development Consultant with Ei.Ventures. Ei.Ventures’ mission is to empower mental wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology. Their ambition is to deliver governmental approved therapeutic treatment options that address the current global mental healthcare pandemic. “In addition to consulting in clinical development for Ei.Ventures, Linda is Principal of Strategic Clinical Consultants and Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Calif. San Diego Emotional Intelligence Ventures is a motley crew of misfits, outsiders.


They didn’t make sense in the world until they started making sense together. They honor differences and those who couldn’t buy into the status quo. Emotional Intelligence Ventures’s diversity is the key to their strength and superpower. Woman, man. Gay, straight. Refugee, Immigrant, citizen. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist. They think differently, they see differently, and therefore they are poised to create radically different outcomes. Ei. Ventures believes that Our body, and the care of this earthly vessel, matters and deserves our attention every day. A safe, clean, and healthful world is their birthright and our responsibility.

Concierge for Better Living with Doc Rob

Doc Rob takes a real, raw, inside look at healthier living while sharing great ideas and improvements for a better quality of life. The Concierge for Better Living will help informed, intrigued, and interested listeners like you make better choices for yourselves and your loved ones.