Frontline Cannabis Treatment with Dr Benjamin Caplan, MD

Frontline Cannabis Treatment with Dr. Benjamin Caplan, MD today on Concierge For Better Living With Doc Rob only on Cannabis Radio. Benjamin Caplan, MD is Founder and the Chief Medical Officer of CED Clinic and CED Foundation, as well as Founder of Solo Sciences, Inc (recently acquired by Akerna Corp) and medical advisor to the world’s leading cannabis investment fund, GreenAXS Capital. Most recently, Dr. Caplan co-founded EO Care, Inc, a digital therapeutic and telemedicine platform providing personalized cannabis care plans and ongoing clinical guidance for the millions searching for an empathic, responsive, evidence-based cannabis care partner.

In addition to the practice as a primary care physician at some of Boston’s premier hospitals, Dr. Caplan served as the Chief Medical Officer of one the largest medical cannabis healthcare groups in the US, overseeing the clinical evaluations of over 250,000 medical cannabis patients. Dr. Caplan has supervised and mentored hundreds of physicians across the United States and abroad, he has served as a principal investigator for multiple pharmaceutical research studies and has published in premier medical journals including the New England Journal of Medicine.

Solo Sciences

Dr. Caplan champions the value of an evidence-based approach to bridging Western Medicine with the plant-therapy ecosystem. Under his direction, the CED Clinic embodies one of the largest clinical labs, learning the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis and amassing a database of longitudinal data and living outcomes from over 16,000 active medical patients. Dr. Caplan has empowered CED Clinic with a unique perspective on cannabis-based therapies that incorporates the lessons of data science, crowd-sourced experiential knowledge, and individualized treatment strategies.

Through his work on entrepreneurial boards, consulting for industry leadership, speaking at academic and investor conferences internationally, and as an author pioneering the cultural paradigm shift, Dr. Caplan has become an authority within the cannabis community, and a catalyst for the industry.

Dr. Caplan’s ongoing projects include an in-depth operational guide of medical cannabis for older adults, an enterprise software solution to strengthen lasting scientific integrity for the medical cannabis industry, and a great expansion of CED Clinic and its industry-leading medical cannabis education. so sit back and enjoy Frontline Cannabis Treatment with Dr. Benjamin Caplan, MD today on Concierge For Better Living With Doc Rob only on Cannabis Radio.