Hemp Can Change the World With Shadi Ramey

Hemp Can Change the World with the creator and CEO of Satya Kama, Shadi Ramey. In Hinduism, Kama, or pleasure, is one of the goals of human life. Satya represents truth, and Satya Kama cream embodies these principles. They make their cream with the utmost care, using the highest quality nourishing oils. They choose every ingredient of Satya Kama Cream with intention. You can use this product daily to nourish your skin, or in ways, your imagination has yet to discover. Shadi has been a plant-based chef for over a decade. She fell in love with hemp in 2014 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Shadi has been cooking with hemp for the past four years and has immersed herself in the Anthropology of Hemp.


Shadi is the founder and CEO of Satya Kama, the first-ever hemp intimacy enhancer, and a line of organic, hemp-based moisturizing creams that are good enough to eat. Shadi is dedicated to using her business as a force for good. Satya Kama is one of the first hemp companies to have earned the rigorous pending B Corp status. Shadi teaches about plant-based nutrition, culinary anthropology, and hemp food. She also runs a medicinal herb and hemp farm located north of Boulder. Shadi is delighted to combine her experience in plant medicine, recipe creation, and sustainable product development to create a line of vegan, edible moisturizing body creams. Satya Kama Cream – explore the possibilities.