Hemp, Cannabis, Cannabidiol for Natural Healing Talk with Robert Scott Bell

Reintroducing simple concepts that your medicine comes from food.

What’s your take on hemp and cannabis and cannabidiol for natural healing and how that industry is evolving?

“We’re seeing Re Emergence of another form of botanical, I would say medicine but of course in the united states where these things are referred to as supplements. The manufacturers and sellers of these products can’t come out and tell you all the things that I could tell you because I’m not personally involved in selling anything that’s why I love pushing the first amendment for all it’s worth in relating these things but the use of a plant that’s been maligned during the 20th century..unfairly so, to keep people away from it with the theory or an actuality that one small use of the plant out of the twenty five thousand and one uses and only one is to smoke it to get high for those that want to use it recreationally. What about the twenty five thousand other uses?

We’re finding that matters to more and more people. There are so many use of this plant.”

I joked around in talks we had this weekend . If grapefruit eaten at the wrong time with the wrong medicine could kill you, does that mean that all grapefruit should be banned?

RSB (Robert Scott Bell): would rather look at the drugs at the dangerous element, not the natural substance like a grapefruit. When we work these botanicals, medical or supplement…whatever they may be, the risk isn’t those things in and of itself but the lack of understanding is to how their working with the body as opposed to forcing the body to stop or start something in a very imbalanced and way because we have the ability to metabolize these plant based substances as we’ve done for as long as there’s been humans, animals and plants on this planet vs the synthetic pharmaceuticals that are patented medicines that are emerging out of the petrochemical industry in the 20th century that have created for every one disease they claim to treat or cure or relieve they create ten to twenty others that they end up selling medicine for.

The most important thing for RSB in his book Unlock the power to heal is to restore integrity to the epithelial lining of the gut that had been damaged by so many interventions from vaccines to antibiotics to additives, preservatives, flavorings, etc.

Everybody eats so food is the best starting point for healing the body.

RSB started his healing journey at 24. He was raised pharmaceutically with everything being about drugs from a pharmaceutical family. At 24 not many of his peers were interested in taking the path he was taking moving toward organic food, detoxifying his liver, probiotics, etc.

He’s been very interested in the age of his audience shifting to a younger demographic with more teenagers and twenty somethings listening to his shows.

RSB recently shared a meal at Richard Thomas’s R. Thomas restaurant (https://www.rthomasdeluxegrill.net) in Atlanta with a lot of organic options and you see many young families with kids coming out and it’s been like that for years so we’re seeing a trend. If you think about the hemp and cannabis culture, it’s an environmentally conscience culture so the transformation is on.

People try to demonize THC and say that anything that’s a stimulant is no good. I say, is this after your second cup of coffee today? Or how about you had a rough day at work so you go to happy hour on a regular basis with your co-workers?

I can’t wait until we can juice raw cannabis. Instead of wheat grass shots, it’ll be raw cannabis juice shots, etc. People ask will it get you high…it won’t as cannabis in it’s raw form, HTCA, it doesn’t get you high.

There’s a lot to learn about Cannabis out there and even the experts are just scratching the surface. I think everyday use is going to be the future of Cannabis with even small doses of CBD being a daily supplement much like omega 3.