Jordan Wagman, James Beard-nominated Chef

Jordan Wagman, James Beard-nominated Chef, bestselling author, philanthropist, sales leader, and Psoriasis warrior. He wears each title as a badge of honor and takes on each role with precision and tremendous passion. Jordan’s unique culinary journey began over campfires in Northern Ontario and progressed to the kitchens of some of the top chefs in the culinary world. At the age of 12, Jordan was diagnosed with Psoriasis, an often debilitating autoimmune disease. He was hospitalized numerous times and took medication that would have lasting negative side effects. Jordan Wagman even spent a year of his life in Israel, living in a tent at the Dead Sea, suntanning for 13 hours each day seeking relief from his disease. Sunshine has always brought Jordan comfort from his symptoms though the benefits were never sustainable. Fast forward to 2014, Jordan finally found the second piece to his puzzle.

Jordan Wagman

After one meeting with a naturopath, he removed gluten, dairy, and refined sugar from his diet and began taking natural supplements and CBD. Jordan’s life changed forever and he began to live a much healthier existence. Today, Jordan has a renewed focus on food, health, and wellness. Jordan helps others find health through an anti-inflammatory diet and proves great, healthy, food can taste incredible too. Jordan is a cannabis advocate and cites the use of THC and CBD as a pillar for his health. Jordan offers chef table experiences in his home which are sold out months in advance. The demand is real. Jordan is most proud of his philanthropic endeavors advocating for mental health, Psoriasis, and his involvement with the Sick Children’s Foundation.