Livagewell with Founder Dr. Mani Kukreja


Livagewell with Dr. Mani Kukreja, MD, MPH, IIN, Director of Integrative Health and Wellness at ResBiotic today on Concierge For Better Living with Doc Rob only on The Cannabis Radio. Livagewell is an integrative health and wellness platform offering a full range of consultation and advisory support to achieve wellness and lifestyle goals.

They also offer health and wellness programs to organizations for improving their employees’ health, confidence, and mental focus thereby adding value to organizational productivity. Livagewell also offers a 21-Day immunity-boosting reset program and has many more upcoming courses.

Mani Kukreja (MD, MPH, IIN ) is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Founder of Integrative Health and Wellness Practice “Livagewell” offering a full range of consultation and advisory support to help her clients to achieve and optimize functionally healthy lifestyles to support gut health, immune health, healthy aging, and metabolism.

She serves in an advisory role for ResBiotic’s The Breather: A lifestyle blog, covering practical tips and relevant research at the intersection of lung health and microbiome science. Mani is the creator of the educational course “21-Day Immune Reset program” to learn about your own body’s defense system and this course is well equipped with all the information and tools to optimize, boost, and support your Immune system.

Mani has authored several high-impact publications in peer-reviewed journals in the medical field, and wellness articles in health magazines.