Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook

Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook with Samoon Ahmad, M.D., and Kevin P. Hill, M.D., M.H.S. Despite the booming cannabis industry and increasingly popular medicinal cannabis programs throughout the country, very few people, whether patients or clinicians, understand the complex science of the plant or its effect on the brain and the body. While there have been dozens of books that celebrate cannabis and just as many that denigrate it, there has yet to be one that offers an unbiased and clear-eyed look at the science of cannabis and the cannabinoids. By taking an evidence-based approach and avoiding familiar political tropes, Drs. Samoon Ahmad and Kevin P. Hill have finally done just that with their new book: Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook Cannabis has been cultivated and used for thousands of years, yet it remains not just enigmatic but deeply polarizing.

Medical Marijuana

As they write in the book’s prologue, “It is our hope that we can eliminate unwarranted stigmas that continue to hound this quirky plant and to dispel any notions that cannabis is either a miracle drug or the devil’s weed. If nothing else, we hope to provide our peers in the medical community with some degree of clarity so that they can make decisions based on the best available evidence and pass on accurate information to patients.” Both authors have extensive clinical experience and academic backgrounds. Dr. Hill is an addiction specialist and currently Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University, and author of Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About the World’s Most Popular Weed. Dr. Ahmad is a practicing physician in New York City, Founder of the Integrative Center for Wellness, and a Professor of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. He has also written extensively about PTSD and co-authored multiple books, including the recent edition of Kaplan & Sadock’s Pocket Handbook of Clinical Psychiatry.


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