Medical Marijuana Inc. CEO Talks CBD, 100 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Stuart Titus – President of Medical Marijuana Inc – has been with a group of visionary individuals who for many years have been studying and researching CBDs and particularly the fact it’s not only found in marijuana but the cannabis plant which includes industrial hemp and over time they’ve developed specialty genetics that in europe using the right seeds and conditions that we can grow crops with high levels of CBD in industrial hemp. The high cbd hemp oils are extracted and exported to the states. The finished products made here and distributed over the states.

Rob has seen CBD oil change in lives. It’s been a great thing since hemp based CBD oils have been made available in all states.

Stuart states that hemp oil/CBD oil is high is omega 3s and other significant immune. He’s leaving science to prove the difference in CBDs derived from hemp vs cannabis but considers both being from the same family but time will tell on the comparison.

Stuart remembers back in 2007 they were really researching CBD and saw that the research community was starting to take a look at this and put out a nutraceutical products that would improve people’s lives. He’s grateful that people seem to find some great health and wellness benefits from it.

Rob says as a doctor, his first goal is to do no harm. He says that cannabis seems to be the start of the journey for research for plants used to improve health and wellness.

First thing Rob did was researching safety regarding CBDs. He was excited after looking at the research and things that eventually it will be considered a superfood.

Stuart thinks that essential fatty acids in hemp oil are just that…essential. The body needs to get this, these nutrients from the diet. It can’t synthesize them on their own. Hemp seeds have all the amino acids and do cover the full spectrum. There are some immune boosting amino globular protein will definitely help people.

Stuart has Cannalife Science as part of his portfolio and sits on it’s board. Cannalife has an agreement with the national institutes of health to utilize the United States patent on therapeutic use of Cannabinoids. They have two licensing agreements with the NIH. First one is the development of a medication for a hepatic encephalopathy which occurs from longtime use of alcohol and other triggers causing liver damage. The company feels that there’s a significant need for treatment with CBD which can have a neuroprotective effect. Second agreement is to develop a pharmaceutical medication for the treatment of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), This affects the NFL players with traumatic brain injury, car accidents victims, veterans with brain injuries from explosions.

Stuart mentions that when you have an NFL star like Chris Bolan all of a sudden he’s had enough and is quitting due to the potential long term effects of brain injuries from the sport. Hopefully some solutions can be provided to help NFL players to be able to stay in the game.

Rob noticed that people from the outside sometimes can only see one perspective. As a doctor, rob seems it from all angles. You have the advocates that have been working in getting medical marijuana legal for years, you’ve got your advocates that don’t want it to be legal because it’s restricted to medical only, they want legalization across the board. You’ve got people that want to focus on help for nutrition, textiles, etc. Some can only see it from their own angle. There’s always attacks on quality and testing.

Stuart talks about quality control and testing. They have several stages of testing from extraction all the way through export, Again it’s tested multiple times once it arrives in the states.