Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Through Integrated Exercise and Cannabis

Exercise and Cannabis with Stacy Mulvey

Today on Concierge for better living we are joined by Stacey Mulvey. A multi-potentialite with a background in cannabis and fitness, Stacey decided to create the cannabis-infused yoga brand Marijuasana. My diverse skills and expertise allow me to work in fields that I am passionate about, that bring me fulfillment. Stacey is passionate about promoting wellness, movement, and the mind-body-spirit connection through integrated exercise and cannabis.

Exercise and Cannabis

She love’s teaching others about the benefits of physical fitness because I have changed my own body and quality of life through movement. Her personal mission as a teacher is to provide verbal and physical cues that are grounded in proper alignment, that ultimately enable clients to renew or establish novel connections to their bodies; to provide nurturing encouragement so that clients may experience the benefits of integrated movement in their own lives.