Nutritional Genomics Institute

Nutritional Genomics Institute with Dr. Christy Williamson. She earned her DCN (summa cum laude) from MUIH, her master’s degree (summa cum laude) in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and is also a Certified Nutritional Specialist. Christy was active in the 2016 Virginia General Assembly in the passage of legislation that established a statutory definition of nutritional genomics. With a colleague, Christy developed a course in nutritional genomics for the Maryland University of Integrative Health and continues to teach there as an adjunct faculty member. Christy is the owner of the Nutritional Genomics Institute, OmicsDx, ZebraDx, and SNP. Personalized Nutrition was once considered the science of the future. Concepts such as testing metabolites (Metabolomics) and checking interactions between prescription drugs and genetics for potential adverse effects (Pharmacogenetics) can now be part of everyday care. NGI was born out of Christy’s desire to bridge the gap between “alternative” and modern medicine.


This bridge is called integrative or functional/systems medicine. NGI also houses SNPed, practitioner education in nutritional genomics, and ZebraDx, a Nutritional Genomics focused research diagnostics company. OmicsDx is a software startup and state of the art nutritional genomics analysis company that produces epigenetically validated genome panels. Christy enjoys the legislative process, advocacy, and finding creative solutions to complicated problems. She also likes finding the needle in the haystack. On weekends, Christy can be found hiking or kayaking with her two daughters or catching up on the latest nutritional genomics research. Omics is Christy’s newest project blending technology and big data.

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