Specialty Research Services In Cannabis

Specialty research services in cannabis with Élan M. Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs. Élan holds a degree in chemistry and has authored numerous journal articles on phytochemistry. He is the instructor for AHPA’s Seminar on Microscopic Identification of Popular Botanical Materials. He is a newly appointed board of trustees of AHPA, is a board member of AHPA’s ERB Foundation, and is the former chairperson of the Hemp and Medical Marijuana committee. He also serves as a technical adviser for the AHP. Alkemist Labs is an ISO 17025 flexible scope accredited contract-testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication, botanical ingredient identification and quantitative analytical services to the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical industries.

Specialty Research Services

Located in Garden Grove, California, Alkemist Labs offers a wide range of specialty research services to evaluate the identity, purity, and quality of botanical raw materials, dietary ingredients, and finished products. Alkemist Labs also offers an array of critical tools for botanical identity verification, including their complete line of Composite Reference Botanicals (CRBs), phytochemical reference standards from Extrasynthese of Lyon, France as well as AHP-Verified Botanical Reference Materials (BRMs), easy to purchase through the Alkemist e-commerce section of their website. www.alkemist.com