The Sweetleaf Collective With Joe Airone

The Sweetleaf Collective began in 1996 in San Francisco, California, the birthplace of medical marijuana and the cannabis compassion movement. When they began, Sweetleaf provided cannabis to 5 AIDS patients. Now they provide free medical cannabis to more than 150 low-income terminally ill patients. Sweetleaf remains committed to providing compassionate access to underserved communities. Sweetleaf delivered cannabis to these patient’s homes by bicycle, as many of them have mobility issues and are housebound.

The Sweetleaf

Joe Airone is the founder and director of the Sweetleaf Collective. He has been an activist in the Bay Area for more than 20 years, working with groups providing food to the elderly, shelter to the homeless, and cannabis to low-income terminally ill people. He ran a community art center in San Francisco’s Mission District for 5 years, creating a forum for artists, musicians, and performers to practice and show their art free of charge. Joe also founded the Humanitarian Circus and has traveled all over the world making free circus shows for refugees and orphans in war zones and developing countries. His last mission was to the island of Lesbos where he performed for Syrian refugee children after they had made the harrowing journey from Turkey to Greece.