Therapeutic Use of Marijuana For Those With Debilitating or Chronic Diseases

Using Marijuana For those with Debilitating and Chronic Diseases

Today on Concierge For Better Living Dr. Rob is joined by David Newsom, director of governmental affairs for Compassionate South Carolina. David speaks about the The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act. This  act would allow physicians to recommend the therapeutic use of marijuana for those with debilitating or chronic diseases. David is a U.S. Army Veteran and father of four children.


After getting out of the Army his family and him moved from Alaska to Myrtle Beach. His youngest daughter Harmony Newsom was unfortunately born with a very rare genetic condition called Lissencephaly. Currently she is using a hemp derived CBD product as that is what is legal to obtain and we have regained seizure control however they understand that if she was able to have access to a comprehensive medical cannabis program we could ultimately continue to improve her quality of life.