Afterdream with Morgan McLachlan and Tyler Wakstein

Afterdream with Morgan McLachlan (Amass), and Tyler Wakstein (OpenNest Labs) today on Dazed and Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Amass has unveiled its first cannabis-infused alcohol-free spirit, Afterdream. The new beverage contains both THC and CBD. Inspired by the California coast, Amass Afterdream blends sumac, sorrel, and lemon peel to deliver a bright, tart taste, balanced by herbaceous notes of mint and rosemary. Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan carefully selected cannabis-derived terpenes like limonene, beta-myrcene, and eucalyptol to complement the spirit’s flavor profile. Tyler is a community builder and business development executive who is passionate about using business as a tool to drive positive social change.
Tyler is an active angel and previously, was Managing Curator at Summit Series, a globally recognized event series for today’s brightest leaders. Tyler is dedicated to using his resources and network to drive impact as a board member of The Life is Good Kids Foundation and Wholistic Research and Education Foundation. He is an outdoor enthusiast, music lover and enjoys a cold Vermont IPA. Before she got her start as a distiller, Morgan followed in her father’s footsteps working in the film and television industry as a camera operator. At just 17-years-old, Morgan was the youngest person at the time working in IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, and one of the only women. “It’s always interesting talking about gender issues if you just get into it by the numbers,” she says. “In IATSE, when I was in the union, it was five percent women.” When she left the movie biz a decade later to pursue a career in distilling, she found herself yet again in the minority, although this time on her own terms. In 2012, Morgan co-founded The Spirit Guild, a DTLA-based distillery that specializes in making a variety of spirits from California’s diverse flora. Since founding the distillery, Morgan has helped build seven beverage brands, establishing herself as one of the leading independent distillers and, once again, one of the only women.