Airfield Supply Company with Chris Lane

Airfield Supply Company with Chief Marketing Officer Chris Lane today on Dazed And Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Chris is the Chief Marketing Officer of Airfield Supply Company, the largest single-site dispensary in California. In this role, Chris is responsible for brand and growth strategy across retail and product businesses. With a background in creative strategy and brand building, Chris focuses on building consumer empathy in brands and driving simultaneous top and bottom-funnel growth. Previously, Chris was the Global Head of Brand at Fiverr, also leading agency practices and teams at Method, Bite, WPP, and Edelman.


What started out as a few friends wanting to help out their parents fight off cancer has grown into Airfield Supply Company, a top-notch Bay Area cannabis dispensary that manages a large-scale vertical grow operation and dynamic retail experience 9 am to 9 pm every day. At Airfield they pride themselves on providing their guests with excellent customer service and sound cannabis knowledge to help them make informed decisions when purchasing. They exist to help people make the most of every day by sharing their love for this diverse and wonderful plant with our community. Airfield Supply Company is in partnership with its community of medicinal and recreational users and takes pride in spreading good vibes.