Altered Plates with Chef Holden Jagger

Altered Plates with Chef Holden Jagger on Dazed And Infused. Founded in 2016 by brother-sister team Chef Holden Jagger and Rachel Burkons, Altered Plates is a Los Angeles-based creative culinary collective that brings together cannabis, food, beverage, and good old-fashioned hospitality. Ganjier, chef, and cultivator Holden Jagger have a long, passionate relationship with both cooking and cannabis. After over a decade working in some of California’s top kitchens (Maude, Soho House, Craft), award-winning Chef Holden decided to follow his heart back to his garden in early 2016. As a cultivator, Holden has a unique relationship to the plant as an ingredient, and as a ganjier, he is an expert at matching the flavors in hemp and cannabis with the flavors in food.

Altered Plates

As a chef who cultivates, Holden also has access to the plant at many stages of its growth and truly believes in looking at cannabis as a vegetable and exploring inventive uses for the non-psychoactive parts of the plant. His culinary explorations often end up on Altered Plates menus, ranging from pollen-topped seared scallops and fermented leaf dolmas. In the infused space, Holden is careful to offer fine-tuned dosage through a variety of techniques. He is also a passionate advocate for CBD and is on a quest to continue exploring the other cannabinoids in cannabis and their use in the culinary arts.