Blazy Bar with Blazy Susan founder Will Breakell

Blazy Bar with Blazy Susan founder Will Breakell today on Dazed And Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Blazy Susan is largely known for making pink rolling papers and spinning rolling trays for at-home cannabis use, but the company’s owner, Will Breakell, is building a reputation with his custom dab bars. Celebrities like Bella Thorne have called on Breakell to make their back yards into dab-friendly playgrounds, and he thinks that’s just the start of something big. We caught up with the cannabis handyman to learn more. A dab bar, or cannabis consumption bar, is a new concept in the world of cannabis. We like to refer to it as a Blazy Bar. The basic idea is that it will be the focal point of consumption in the home. Just as a traditional bar or bar cart is the home to your drinks and tools used to make your cocktails, the Blazy Bar is home to everything you need to medicate, whether that’s by yourself or with friends. It’s meant to be a communal space that takes consumption out of the garage and into the home. We believe getting high is a ritual that should be celebrated and enjoyed with your loved ones, not pushed aside as something to hide or be ashamed of.

Blazy Bar

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