Canna-Soothe with CEO Jeffrey Kolsky

Canna-Soothe with Director at Sales Sense DIstribution and CEO Jeffrey Kolsky today on Dazed And Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Early industry entrepreneur, cannabis industry operator, product development and deployment specialist, multi-industry consultant, and Jack of all Trades. He has created businesses and developed products in emerging and evolving industries for over 20 years. Beginning with the internet, in 1994 through the health and yoga industries and now over 15 years developing and running cannabis businesses in California. Jeffery’s earliest emerging industry experiences began when he applied and was hired by Organic Online in 1995. His management experiences led to projects with global brands such as Harley Davidson, Yahoo, Kinkos/FED EX, and others. After Organic, I founded round peg and worked there until 2001, after which he joined KPMG Consulting as Senior Strategist for web-based brand extension, technology development, deployment, and business/market strategy.


Jeff left technology in pursuit of more human interactions and found myself revitalizing and learning healing arts for 2 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Following Esalen, he spent 3 months in Costa Rica earning a yoga teacher certification. Using that time to also create a new company and founded, Updog, a learn to surf, a yoga tourism company, and led yoga/surfing trips to Costa Rica. Cannabis is an interesting industry and for over a decade Jeffery created and ran Jolly Meds, developing, manufacturing, and distributing products for the medical and recreational cannabis space. Jolly Meds became j: MEDS and in 2018 offered over 50 unique products (SKUs) ranging from lollipops to lozenges, sugar-free hard candies, and infused honey at 10k units per month. He acquired 3 patents for cannabis products and two trademarks and worked with the top retail operators in California. Jeff is currently active in the California cannabis market with the brand Canna-Soothe. The products are coated hard candy that doesn’t melt or stick to each other, a result of R&D testing he performed over two years with coating materials. The products outperform gummies by being temperature stable and don’t require individual wrapping avoiding excessive packaging needs.