Editorial On The State Of The Cannabis Industry

Editorial On The State Of The Cannabis Industry with Dazed and Confused’s very own Latham Woodward today only on Cannabis Radio. Cannabis and Banking: Despite the cannabis industry’s explosive growth, many financial institutions have been hesitant to transact with cannabis-related businesses given the ambiguity created by divergent state and federal cannabis laws. The SAFE Banking Act seeks to remove these ambiguities at the federal level and pave the way for more financial institutions to serve the cannabis industry. Latham offers remarks on the state of cannabis and banking. Cannabis and Sustainability: Many may not realize that cannabis has never really been a sustainable industry, and with the commercialization of cannabis, things have continued to move in the wrong direction. As the co-founder of an investment and operating firm in the cannabis space, I am concerned about the sustainability of this industry.


Commercial growers have turned to artificial pesticides and harmful growing practices and modes of distribution to bolster sales and increase crop yields. These practices contribute heavily to waste and pollution. Latham explains how cannabis growers and manufacturers need to practice more environmentally sustainable practices. Cannabis Industry Should Pledge To Curb Discrimination: Diversity in cannabis equals positive growth. Those feelings should resonate within the entire industry — from the consumers to the budtender serving customers to the business owners and investors funding innovation. Cannabis creates positivity. Diversity creates inclusion. Inclusion stimulates economic growth.