Filling A Gap In The Cannabis Industry With Hazy L.A.

Filling A Gap In The Cannabis Industry

Filling A Gap In The Cannabis Industry with Audrey Roy, Adam Pacanovsky, and Kolin Morganstern of Hazy LA. Today Latham sits down with our guests to talk about a whole host of topics. They dive into some of the deficiencies of the cannabis market, focusing mainly on marketing. As well as why the guerilla marketing, boots on the ground, approach to the cannabis industry has waned since the beginning. They also talk about an event that Hazy and Shoogies are working on together called the 7.10 fest. This will be a virtual cannabis and music festival streamed on Hazy’s website. For this event, 100% of the profits will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project. You can stream/RSVP at


Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Hazy is a full-service creative agency that concentrates on building cannabis brands. From creative strategy to event production, content creation, and everything in-between. Hazy provides industry leaders with the support to thrive in the largest cannabis market in the country.