Fruit Slabs With CEO Brandon Dorsky

Fruit Slabs With CEO Brandon Dorsky today on Dazed and Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Fruit Slabs are California’s award-winning healthiest edible. Born in 2015, transitioned in 2018 and kosher certified in 2019, Slabs has pushed nature’s candy (fruit) mixed with the devil’s lettuce (cannabis) since before it was trendy. Without any added sugars, artificial ingredients, pectin, gelatin, or animal parts, and made using sustainably sourced organic fruit sources and packaged in biodegradable pouches, Fruit Slabs are not only safe for all diets and dietary restrictions, but also for the planet. With 5 ingredients or less per SKU, 10 calories or less per serving, and 1 calorie or less per milligram served, Fruit Slabs are the standard for healthy functional food in California’s licensed cannabis marketplace.

Fruit Slabs
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