Ispire With Luna Stower and Adam Rothstein

Ispire is a fully dedicated Cannabis vaporizer brand. They develop, manufacture and market Cannabis hardware, and are one of the leading brands in the industry. Ispire, their R&D team, and sales staff are seasoned vaporizes and experienced engineers for more than 10 years. Their production facility has more than 1000 people committed to making quality products. They understand the Cannabis and vaporizer market and understand your business needs. Adam Rothstein co-founded Disruptive VC Fund. He has served as a general partner of the company since 2014. He is also the lead adviser to GFI, a multi-family investment office, and a general partner in Subversive Capital a regulatory-focused investment fund. Prior to his time at Disruptive, GFI and Subversive, Adam served as the Chief InvestmentOfficer at Intana Management LLC, a market-neutral hedge fund concentrating in the technology, media, and entertainment sectors from 2006 to 2010. From 2000 to 2005 Adam was a Managing Director and Principal at Robeco Investment Management, the parent company of Weiss, Peck & Greer. There he served as a Partner in its Select Technology and Software Funds.


Luna has been blessed to be a key Marketing Advisor or officer, supporting brand ambassador programs, training curriculum & creative content for Dixie Elixirs, Quim, Atlas Edibles, Stokes, Champs Trade Shows, VapeXhale, Doc Greens, Brotherly Love, Operation E.V.A.C., Click Spray, DOPE mag, MG mag, A Future For Vets Foundation, and marketing agencies & Cannabrand. Vape Hardware Sales: Carts, disposables, batteries, custom packaging, OEM/ODM. Industry-leading brand architect & business strategy expert in wellness & cannabis branding, sales, social media, marketing, with a focus on social Impact prog.’s, comms-focused outreach & professional services.