Lil Nickys Pre-roll Joints with Nick Giordano

Lil Nickys Pre-roll Joints with Nick Giordano. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Nick’s Great Grandparents opened a Fruit and produce store in the famed Italian Market on 9th st. in South Philly in 1920 Which is still in operation. His Dad and brother are still in the business selling wholesale to restaurants. Nick was an actor in NYC for a long time before moving to Los Angeles about 10 years ago. He has been in the Cannabis industry for the last few years as a frontline salesman, working for a few different brands, selling to dispensaries in the LA area. A few brands Nick is currently selling for are Shoogies (Cannabis-infused cane sugar and Agave), Cannariginals/Emu420 Essentials (Transdermal rubs, and tinctures), Cali Life (Premium Flower), and Hush (infused Pre-rolls, Premium flower, Vapes, and Hush Puppies). Nick is currently launching his own brand of Pre-roll joints called Lil Nickys. The logo pays direct homage to his family roots in the produce business for the last 100 years.

Lil Nickys

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