Mommy Jane aka Jessica Gonzalez

Mommy Jane (real name Jessica Gonzalez) is an advocate and spokesperson in the plant medicine and wellness space. Within two years, she successfully navigated her way through the cannabis industry, built a community on Instagram of over 19k, and was nominated in 2019 for two California Cannabis Awards in the categories of Influencer and Advocate. By authentically sharing her life on social media as a mother who is making her way through a brand new industry, she has been able to empower others to do the same. Mommy Jane shines a light on the importance of positivity, living mindfully, and using plants as medicine as often as possible to live your best life. She firmly believes that in order to break the stigma that’s rooted in this plant, we have to better the industry and that starts from within. She speaks and writes on behalf of the cannabis plant, and has been featured in a variety of media from High Times and MG Retailer to the San Francisco Chronicle and Voyage LA, spreading awareness and her success story to curious eyes.

Mommy Jane hopes one day to see plant medicine normalized for the future of everyone and uses her young girls as inspiration daily to be the change. As a young mother, Jessica Gonzalez left behind 13 years of alcohol and Vicodin-induced haze, using cannabis to create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. She lost 100 pounds in the process and instinctively knew that cannabis helped her be a better wife, mother, and human being. Inspired to reach out and help other moms who may be struggling with their medicating choices, the Southern California cannabis patient recreated herself as The Mommy Jane™ on Instagram. Within one year’s time, her following of young mothers has elevated to well over 15,000 followers and growing. As a social media influencer, Jessica educates on the ever-evolving products and brands that work for her anxiety, mood swings, overall health issues, and prevention against illness. Her daily live chats include other mothers in the space across the country, some with their own companies, with many eager to share their own experiences. Some shout out from legal states on what they know, while others carefully come into space from illegal states, desperate for helping themselves, or help for an ailing child, friend, or family member.